President's Message
Ma. Victoria C. Españo Message from the President:

Ma. Victoria C. Españo


Year 2018 is indeed a special year for FINEX: it marks our 50th anniversary as a leading organization of finance professionals. Through the able leadership of our past presidents and the multitude of members who have actively participated in and supported our different initiatives, we have made significant achievements in supporting the professional development of finance executives,

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President's Message November 2017
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Message from the President:

Benedicta Du-Baladad

To FINEX members and friends,

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE For November 20, 2017


We are now on the final stretch of 2017. This year has been one of the busiest and exciting for both FINEX and the country.

Earlier this month, our country was once again placed in the limelight as we hosted this year’s ASEAN Summit. The summit provided us to showcase what our country can share to the world and the creativity of the Filipino people. Indeed, the recent hosting of the ASEAN summit placed our country among the top places for such world-class event.


Our 49th FINEX National Conference on October 13 was a huge success! The expression of congratulatory remarks was more than ample reward for all the hardwork and detailed preparations that were invested for this event. The presence of former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad and the other top caliber speakers underscored the significant importance that we placed in the Conference this year. The relevant topics and the active discussion among the panelists provided all of us key information that we can use in our respective organizations. Once again, my deepest gratitude to FINEX Week Co-Chairpersons Isay Arcilla and Junie del Mundo and Liaison Director Terrie Magleo, and the rest of the FINEX Week Committee who made this event a truly memorable and unforgettable experience for most delegates. They have masterfully staged the Conference, ensuring a seamless flow of activities during the event.

The FINEX Night was likewise a success which provided all the delegates a night to enjoy, dance and laugh.

My deepest gratitude to our Professional Development Committee headed by Bingo Dejaresco, Past President Billy Cortez, Mike Guarin and Liaison Director Grace Tiongco and their members for organizing the Year-end Economic Briefing that added to the grandiose of this year’s Conference.

I would like to thank all the speakers, discussants, panelists, moderators and emcees for sharing their valuable time and talent with us during these activities. Of course, we cannot forget our corporate sponsors who contributed their financial resources for the success of this event.


There have been a lot of activities that happened since our last general membership meeting (GMM) on September 20 which was keynoted by BSP Governor Nestor Espenilla, Jr.

On September 21, 7th BDB LAW-FINEX: Top Agenda featured Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio who shared with us his insights on the Philippine Maritime Disputes with China.

On September 23, the Sports and Wellness Committee hosted the 1st Parangal Golf Tournament in honor BSP Governor Espenilla.

On September 26, FINEX, together with ICD, IIAP and MAP, co-hosted the Corporate Governance Conference: Competing Against Risk.

On September 29, we had the 19th Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition Elimination Round. The competition was held in 7 key cities nationwide where the top 20 schools were selected. On November 28, the Final Round of the competition will be held at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. The final round will be joined by 3 foreign universities. I would like to congratulate the Junior FINEX Committee under Chairperson Dada del Carmen and Liaison Director Benny Soliven for doing an exceptional job in successfully staging this event. Finally, FINEX would not have successfully hosted this competition without the partnership and sponsorship of JP Morgan Chase. JP Morgan has been our partner for 7 years in a row in this much lauded initiative of FINEX in helping our country build tomorrow’s leaders today. Also, I would like to thank ICTSI for sponsoring our foreign participants which will bring the A-game of our local participants.

On September 27-29, the FINEX Delegation composed of past presidents Chit Manabat and Ed Francisco, 1st CFO of the Year awardee Chito Gonzalez and yours truly, attended the 47th IAFEI World Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil. During the IAFEI Board Meeting, our FINEX Past President Ed Francisco was re-elected as the organization’s Vice Chairman for 2018. Congratulations to Ed!

The 3rd leg of the JFINEX Future Business and Finance Leaders Forum was held at the JP Morgan Town Hall with more than 550 participating students.


Your Board of Directors recently created the Financial Inclusion Committee, which will be headed by Eugene Acevedo, aims to promote financial inclusion throughout the country. The creation of this committee was the result of the dialogue with DG Chuchi Fonacier during the 6th Top Agenda where she discussed the BSP’s Financial Inclusion Advocacy.

Our Women in Finance Committee will do a gift-giving activity for the Marawi soldiers who were confined in V. Luna Hospital and Army General Hospital on November 13, 2017.


The ING-FINEX CFO of the Year Award is now on its 11th year!

Today we will recognize the “man of the hour” with his countless achievements in the field of finance that brought him to where he is today. We honor his selfless dedication, commitment and passion to his profession.

To our 2017 CFO of the Year – our warmest congratulations! We join you and celebrate with you this personal and professional victory as you now become a role model for CFOs in the country!

My sincerest thanks to those who helped in the success of this endeavor - ING Bank, N.V. Manila Branch, our distinguished panel of judges, and the CFO of the Year Awards Committee under Chairperson Judith Lopez, Search and Selection Chairpersons Marivic Españo and Malou Cristobal and Liaison Director Paul San Pedro. They have done a truly wonderful job!

Also, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Governor Espenilla for graciously accepting our invitation to be our Keynote Speaker for today’s awarding ceremony.


As we come close to the end of the year, we would like to invite you to our final activities.

The final BDB LAW-FINEX: Top Agenda will be held on November 24 at the Tower Club. Once again, BSP Deputy Governor Chuchi Fonacier will join us and she will discuss the National Retail Payment System.

The 4th leg of the JFINEX Future Business and Finance Leaders Forum will be held on November 16 at the University of San Carlos, Cebu City.

FINEX, through the Women in Finance Committee, is co-sponsoring the Women Next: Accelerating Tomorrow Now Summit at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.

Everyone is encouraged to attend our Christmas Party on December 7, Thursday, 6:00 p.m. at the Manila Polo Club with the theme “Vintage: You Only Get Better with Age”. As our final major activity to close 2017, please come and join us for a night of fun and surprises. Let our December 7 fellowship be our chance to look back at what we have done in 2017 and give ourselves a well-deserved celebration.


As today is the last GMM for the year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the 2017 Board for all the hardwork, commitment, support and service they have selflessly rendered to the Institute since the beginning of our term. Special thanks too to all our Committee Chairs and Committee members, the workhorses of FINEX, for carrying out their responsibilities and successfully implementing new and exciting projects and programs for the year. The dedication and hard work of these people deserve our appreciation and congratulations.

Finally, I would like thank all of you FINEX members for your trust and confidence in me and in your Board for the past year. It has been a great honor and privilege serving you as President for 2017.

Mabuhay tayong lahat at Maraming Salamat!

Chinese influence in business
Ms. Wilma Inventor MirandaMs. Wilma Inventor Miranda

February 16, 2018

Chinese influence in business

With the celebration of Chinese New Year, it is a perfect time to look deeper into how the Chinese greatly influence our economy. When we see “made in China” nowadays, we usually relate that to cheap items, low quality, fake goods and imitations. But this article will not focus on the Chinese from the mainland but the Chinese who began their businesses generations ago and have children who are now Filipino-Chinese and successful businessmen themselves.

Dr. Jose Pardo – Just Think Positive!
Flor G. TarrielaBy Flor G. Tarriela

Business World (FINEX Folio)
February 16, 2018

Dr. Jose Pardo – Just Think Positive!s

Last Saturday Jose “Titoy” Pardo, PSE Chairman and former Secretary of Trade/Finance was conferred the Degree of Doctor of Science in Finance by De La Salle University headed by Br. Raymundo Suplido.

At the luncheon celebration, the “new Doctor” was asked to dispense a cure to problems at hand, he shared how to cope with emerging VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) related problems. Dr. Pardo picked up from Dr. Charles Handy, author of The Age of Unreason, who said “All businesses or any economic activity are vulnerable to shock and inevitably will experience tremors in the market place. The important thing is to be quick in responding to change and to never succumb to the status quo style of management. If it ain’t broke, fix it.”

PSE: Unified at last
J. Albert GamboaBy J. Albert Gamboa

February 16, 2018

PSE: Unified at last

More than 25 years after the merger of the Manila Stock Exchange (MSE) and the Makati Stock Exchange (MKSE) into the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), the country’s securities industry is set to be finally unified in a single trading floor.

Ethical challenges in today’s world
By Mercedes B. SuleikBy Mercedes B. Suleik

February 14, 2018

Ethical challenges in today’s world

Pundits sometimes quip that “business ethics” is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms because it is said that there is an inherent conflict between ethics and the pursuit of profit. But more and more, as we see the effects of such unmitigated self-interest, we begin to wonder whether the mantra of the 1980s, “Greed is good” has not visited disaster on so many people today. Today we find ourselves in a quandary—is our world spinning out of control? Has evil taken root in every sphere of our lives, so that even the very means of our efforts to sustain our existence are now suspect?.

A La Juventud Filipina
By Mercedes B. SuleikBy Mercedes B. Suleik

September 13, 2017

Faith in the workplace

It has often been considered that faith and the ordinary life of a person, that is his work, his daily activities, are not compatible. That, for instance, being ethical and being guided by morals in business or in the workplace, must be dichotomized from religious belief.

Swedish death cleaning and Lagom

Swedish death cleaning and Lagom (Business Option)
Feb.15, 2018

Swedish death cleaning and Lagom

Mafe, my beloved spouse, has been asking me recently to start disposing some of the old stuff that have been untouched in our attic. After all, I’ve accumulated quite a ton of books, magazine and school stuff from studying and teaching all these years. And even my clothes and gadget collection (men stuff) have remained to pile up. It all came to head recently when she shared Margarita Magnusson’s new book, “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.”.