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Benedicta Du-Baladad

To FINEX members and friends,

November 2017 Issue

We are now on the final stretch of 2017. This year has been one of the busiest and exciting for both FINEX and the country.

Earlier this month, our country was once again placed in the limelight as we hosted this year’s ASEAN Summit. The summit provided us to showcase what our country can share to the world and the creativity of the Filipino people. Indeed, the recent hosting of the ASEAN summit placed our country

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Flor G. TarrielaBy Flor G. Tarriela

MANILA BULLETIN(Business Option)
October 3, 2017


Business Option is a rotating column of members of the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines appearing every Tuesday & Thursday in Manila Bulletin, business section.

The AgriGo Negosyo was started October last year by Presidential Adviser on Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion with the help of Toto Barcelona of Harbest who invited his agri friends. Former Agriculture Secretary William Dar, the group adviser presented the current state of agriculture. Do you know that Agriculture employs 30 % of the Philippine workforce but contributes only 7-8% of GDP? And that the average age of the Filipino farmer is 57 and that their children don't want to go into farming because it is a lowly job and there are no profits in it?

“Oh NO! So, who will feed us?“ Asked cousins Miguel (14) and Trish (16) who were brought to the second meeting by their grandma Babie and their dads Eric and Emer Atanacio of Terra Verde Farms. Trish and Miguel were so alarmed with what they heard they started talking about it to their other cousins and friends. Being city kids who love the farm, they also want to share this wonderful experience with other kids who don't know what they are missing.

Thus, the Batang Filipino Farmer (BFF) a movement of kids, by kids and for kids was formed. It was formally launched during the first National Small and Family Farmer: New and Beginning Farmers Conference last March. BFF’s main goal is to encourage the Filipino youth to be involved in agriculture by redefining and glamorizing farming. Its subgoal is to integrate fun and play in farming. They believe that the best way to teach agriculture is not just in schools but to bring them to actual farms. In July, BFF presented the movement at the Educational Tour Summit of the Department of Tourism (DOT). They encouraged schools and tour operators to bring out their students to DOT - accredited Agritourism farms for a one-of- a-kind experience and BFF also presented the movement to the Department of Education of Calabarzon to encourage basic agricultural education. The objective is to promote farming to the Filipino youth nationwide. We hope that Education Secretary Leonor Briones see and appreciate this.

At the recent get together of Agri Go Negosyo, very able Ginggay Hontiveros said so many things have happened. The Kapatid Agri Mentor Me Program (KAMMP) was signed in April 2017, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Secretary Manny Piñol of the Department of Agriculture and Joey Concepcion of Go Negosyo. This mentoring program especially for farmers is patterned after the Kapatid Mentor Me program for Small and Medium Businesses with the Department of Trade. Jas Nito reported that KAMMP with the battle cry “Angat Lahat “ was first launched in Tacloban, Leyte in July and 10 regions have been launched to date, with four (4) more to go in 2017.

Teach the farmer to be a businessman. To have a mindset of an agripreneur. Topics include how to read financial statements, contracts and obligations, and even writing a business plan etc. Mentors are successful agripreneurs, all volunteers: Mat Maderazo,

Paps Villegas, Glen Villaroman, Ed Canuto, Eric Atanacio, Nonong Velasco, Sonya Garcia, among others, supported by Vix Madlangbayan and Willy Arcilla. By the end of 2017, fourteen (14) regions would have been launched. With an average of 170 farmers per launch, that’s a total of 2380 mentees in 2017. What a great start!

Cherrie Atilano of AGREA (a millennial) also shared what she's doing, which is a LOT. She definitely is an “invigorating ray of hope”. She is such a bundle of energy and an “ANGeL” (ASEAN’s Next Generation Leaders). A TOWN’s awardee, she won the Earth Mover award for her efforts in making farming a “cool, smart and humane profession” if not sexy too. She is organizing and looking forward to the first Youth Summit on Agriculture to be held in the Philippines next year!

The government is also very supportive for farmers to be agripreneurs. With the Farm Tourism Act, each farm has the potential to be a tourist destination. Sen. Cynthia Villar’s advocacy is that each municipality have a farm tourist site and a farm learning site too to add to the farmers income. Thanks also to Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) and TESDA.

IMPORTANT AGRI events, DON’T miss this October :

Oct 4 The FIRST ASEAN AGRI SUMMIT at the SMX Convention Center to craft an integrated framework for Agripreneurship, to inspire and connect the ASEAN agriculture ecosystem.


The JADAM Natural Farming wth ReiYoon! A Revolutionary Farming method on Natural Technology. SAVE BIG! Learn to MAKE your own Natural Fertilizer, Pesticide Enhance the Microorganism Inputs .

Oct 5-7 Tribal Mission Foundation DAVAO Oct 9-11 Bohol Island State University BOHOL Oct 12-14 Terra Verde Maragondon CAVITE Oct 17-19 Flor’s Garden Antipolo RIZAL

I salute the young people Miguel, Trish, Ginggay, Jas, Cherrie and many others like them. With Government, Private Sector and the YOUTH working together, there is No need to fear as to Who will feed us. We will not be hungry. In fact we will be eating healthy nutritious food. “Let Food be thy Medicine and NOT Medicine thy Food.” There is HOPE!


Ms. Tarriela is Chairman of Philippine National Bank. She was formerly Undersecretary of Finance and the First Filipina Vice President of Citibank N.A. She is a natural farmer and an environmentalist.

Forecast and prediction

Manila Times(FINEX FILES)
January 05, 2018

Forecast and prediction

'Forecasts may tell you a great deal about the forecaster; they tell you nothing about the future.'Warren Buffett

People often ask me – “What’s going to be the price of bitcoin at the end on 2018”. Without any statistical basis, my unremitting retort is – “I don’t know”.

Golden FINEX rising
J. Albert GamboaBy J. Albert Gamboa

January 5, 2018

Golden FINEX rising

1968 was the year that changed the world, according to Time magazine. Civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy were assassinated. A youth rebellion paralyzed France and students took over Columbia University in New York. Czechoslovakia tasted freedom for a brief moment in the Prague Spring; Mexico City hosted the Olympics; and the Tet Offensive became the turning point of the Vietnam War.

The Philippine Basketball Association will not die
Zoilo By: Zoilo "Bingo" P. Dejaresco III

January 3, 2018

The Philippine Basketball Association will not die

There were fears politics would put an end to the highly popular Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) tournaments a few weeks ago over a controversial trade involving franchise player Christian Standhardinger.

What to expect in 2018
Mr. George S. ChuaBy Mr. George S. Chua

MANILA BULLETIN (Business Option)
January 2, 2018

What to expect in 2018

My crystal ball tells me that the letter T will loom large in 2018, actually 4 of them, Taxes, Trans portation, Telecommunications, and Tourism. With the recent signing into law of the first phase of the tax reform package, we can see a mixed bag of results that will benefit certain sectors and be disadvantageous to others. Low income earners with an annual income of not more than R250,000 will no longer have to pay any taxes. That is certainly good news for them,

Ethics in media
By Mercedes B. SuleikBy Mercedes B. Suleik

MANILA BULETTIN (Business Option)
December 26, 2017

Ethics in media

The use that people make of the media of social communications can bring about great good or great evil. Today we move in an “information age” wherein all sorts of images, messages, perceptions, and ideas assault our senses every day. Not only is media able to influence society, but they can actually propose ideas and models of behavior that impinge on the whole world.

A Christmas Message
By Dr. Conchita L. ManabatBy Dr. Conchita L. Manabat

December 22, 2017

A Christmas Message

Christmas is one day in a year where most Filipinos take the time and effort to prepare. To some, the preparation commences once the “ber” months start. And of course, there is the usual last minute rush to gear up for it.