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Ma. Victoria C. Españo Message from the President:

Ma. Victoria C. Españo


Year 2018 is indeed a special year for FINEX: it marks our 50th anniversary as a leading organization of finance professionals. Through the able leadership of our past presidents and the multitude of members who have actively participated in and supported our different initiatives, we have made significant achievements in supporting the professional development of finance executives,

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Message from the President:

Benedicta Du-Baladad

To FINEX members and friends,

Greetings to all FINEX members especially the women whose contribution to this world is being celebrated this month. March is the International Women’s Month. In FINEX, we make this memorable and significant by launching the Women in Finance Committee (WIC).

Last February 15, we held our 2nd General Membership Meeting (GMM) with Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Secretary Benjamin Diokno and Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) Chairman Francis Estrada as speakers. The discussion focused on the administration’s budget policies and how it adhered to good governance. The GMM was co-hosted by our Good Governance Committee.

Also, today, as we push forward FINEX’s advocacies on tax reform, we are having Undersecretary Karl Kendrick Chua of the DOF and Congressman Joey Salceda, Congress’ Committee on Ways and Means Vice Chairman as our main speakers. It is our objective to provide our members a venue to understand and participate in the discussion of this significant reform of our fiscal system. We are very thankful to our speakers for accepting our invitation. Our speakers today are the proponents of the administration’s tax reform program which is envisioned to help our country become competitive, ease the burden of paying taxes, and hopefully, achieve inclusive growth.

On advocacy

At the onset of my term, we have identified four (4) finance related focus area of our advocacy – the tax reform, a robust and sustainable pension fund, good governance in public spending and the development and deepening of the capital market.

In line with our advocacy for tax reform, through our Tax and Legal Committee and National Affairs, FINEX was able to submit its position papers on House Bill No. 4774 and on Estate Tax. I, together with the heads of our Tax & Legal and National Affairs Committees, attended several public hearings, both at the lower house and in Senate, on bills reforming our tax system.

FINEX is also an active partner to the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Department of Finance in promoting the Tax Reform Program of the government during the roadshows that were held throughout the country.

On the pension fund system, we had a high level closed door breakfast forum with SSS President Atty. Manny Dooc as speaker for a briefing on the current problems now besetting the pension fund, and how they plan to address this. As a follow through to this, we will schedule another briefing session on studies made by McKinsey on pension funds in other countries. DOF, SSS, GSIS and BSP will be invited.

On good governance, FINEX hosted the 2nd BDB Law-FINEX: Top Agenda last March 10, 2017 with Mr. Santiago Martinez, CEO of Providentia Ltd., as the guest speaker.

Other activities were also done jointly with other organizations. FINEX co-sponsored the Meet Russia Forum with MAP and Philippine-Russian Business Assembly on March 3, 2017. FINEX sent a delegation to the Special Integrity Forum on the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 on March 3 which was co-sponsored by the Integrity Initiative and British Embassy Manila.

Past activities

We had various events during the past month.

Last February 23, our Professional Development Committee hosted the Forum on PERA Law with 69 participants. The event was covered by Marissa del Mar at Aksyon TV’s Buhay OFW and Philippine Daily Inquirer.

On February 25, the Sports and Wellness Committee, together with the Environment Committee, sponsored the 1st trekking activity of the year at Mt. Makiling with 33 participants.

The Arts Committee of the FINEX Foundation participated at the Disenyo at Talento Talk with designer Patis Tesoro last March 2, 2017.

Last March 4, the Junior FINEX Committee organized the 1st JFINEX Business and Finance Leaders Forum. Centro Escolar University hosted the venue for this event. Other sponsors were JP Morgan Chase, Jollibee Foods Corporation and Forecasting and Planning Technologies, Inc. The forum featured FINEX EVP Ned Goseco, EON’s CEO Junie del Mundo, Lamoiyan’s COO Joel Pedro and Carmen’s Best’s President Paco Magsaysay as speakers. This is one of the fora that the JFINEX is hosting this year to reach all the future business and finance leaders of the country.

Future events

In the coming months, we have a lot of exciting activities to look forward to.

On March 30, your Professional Development Committee will host the Economic Briefing. BSP Monetary Board Member Felipe Medalla, ING Philippines Senior Economist Joey Cuyegkeng and experts from the Asian Development Bank and McKinsey Philippines were invited as resource speakers.

The Tax and Legal Committee will also host the Tax Updates Forum and Securities Regulation Code and Corporate Governance Code Forum in April.

The annual Parangal Golf Tournament in honor of BSP Governor Amando Tetangco, Jr. will be held on April 29. This is one of our activities which honor the great contributions of Gov. Tetangco in our country’s economic growth.

Aside from all of these events, we should look forward to the FINEX Annual Conference in October, 11th ING FINEX CFO of the Year Award and the Ayala FINEX Finance Summit. We are also planning to hold the ASEAN Capital Market Forum in conjunction of the Philippines’ hosting of ASEAN Summit 2017.


I would like to reiterate my appeal to all to pay your 2017 membership dues. All our projects will not be possible without the financial support from all of us. Likewise, please nominate for additional members to FINEX.

In addition, we would like to appeal to everyone to support our organization by being one of its corporate sponsors this year. We have crafted various sponsorship packages for you to choose from.

As I have mentioned during the last GMM, our organization will be celebrating its golden anniversary on January 15, 2018. Aside from the various activities that are being developed, it is our objective to recruit 200 new members. I hope that you will enjoin us in this endeavor by inviting your friends and colleagues to join FINEX.


These are the just some of our projects for the year and we hope to bring you more exciting activities. I also look forward to seeing our membership numbers grow. We may be over 750 members - strong but we should harness our potential in numbers.

To end, I invite our members to get more involved in the activities of FINEX this year – attend your GMMs, join the various Committees, participate in our workshops and seminars, be one of our resource speakers, write for the FINEX Focus and volunteer your services for the various FINEX advocacies.

All the best!

Chinese influence in business
Ms. Wilma Inventor MirandaMs. Wilma Inventor Miranda

February 16, 2018

Chinese influence in business

With the celebration of Chinese New Year, it is a perfect time to look deeper into how the Chinese greatly influence our economy. When we see “made in China” nowadays, we usually relate that to cheap items, low quality, fake goods and imitations. But this article will not focus on the Chinese from the mainland but the Chinese who began their businesses generations ago and have children who are now Filipino-Chinese and successful businessmen themselves.

Dr. Jose Pardo – Just Think Positive!
Flor G. TarrielaBy Flor G. Tarriela

Business World (FINEX Folio)
February 16, 2018

Dr. Jose Pardo – Just Think Positive!s

Last Saturday Jose “Titoy” Pardo, PSE Chairman and former Secretary of Trade/Finance was conferred the Degree of Doctor of Science in Finance by De La Salle University headed by Br. Raymundo Suplido.

At the luncheon celebration, the “new Doctor” was asked to dispense a cure to problems at hand, he shared how to cope with emerging VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) related problems. Dr. Pardo picked up from Dr. Charles Handy, author of The Age of Unreason, who said “All businesses or any economic activity are vulnerable to shock and inevitably will experience tremors in the market place. The important thing is to be quick in responding to change and to never succumb to the status quo style of management. If it ain’t broke, fix it.”

PSE: Unified at last
J. Albert GamboaBy J. Albert Gamboa

February 16, 2018

PSE: Unified at last

More than 25 years after the merger of the Manila Stock Exchange (MSE) and the Makati Stock Exchange (MKSE) into the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), the country’s securities industry is set to be finally unified in a single trading floor.

Ethical challenges in today’s world
By Mercedes B. SuleikBy Mercedes B. Suleik

February 14, 2018

Ethical challenges in today’s world

Pundits sometimes quip that “business ethics” is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms because it is said that there is an inherent conflict between ethics and the pursuit of profit. But more and more, as we see the effects of such unmitigated self-interest, we begin to wonder whether the mantra of the 1980s, “Greed is good” has not visited disaster on so many people today. Today we find ourselves in a quandary—is our world spinning out of control? Has evil taken root in every sphere of our lives, so that even the very means of our efforts to sustain our existence are now suspect?.

A La Juventud Filipina
By Mercedes B. SuleikBy Mercedes B. Suleik

September 13, 2017

Faith in the workplace

It has often been considered that faith and the ordinary life of a person, that is his work, his daily activities, are not compatible. That, for instance, being ethical and being guided by morals in business or in the workplace, must be dichotomized from religious belief.

Swedish death cleaning and Lagom

Swedish death cleaning and Lagom (Business Option)
Feb.15, 2018

Swedish death cleaning and Lagom

Mafe, my beloved spouse, has been asking me recently to start disposing some of the old stuff that have been untouched in our attic. After all, I’ve accumulated quite a ton of books, magazine and school stuff from studying and teaching all these years. And even my clothes and gadget collection (men stuff) have remained to pile up. It all came to head recently when she shared Margarita Magnusson’s new book, “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.”.