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Year 2018 is indeed a special year for FINEX: it marks our 50th anniversary as a leading organization of finance professionals. Through the able leadership of our past presidents and the multitude of members who have actively participated in and supported our different initiatives, we have made significant achievements in supporting the professional development of finance executives,

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Zoilo By: Zoilo "Bingo" P. Dejaresco III

MANILA BULLETIN (Business Option)
January 23, 2018


Business Option is a rotating column of members of the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines appearing every Tuesday & Thursday in Manila Bulletin, business section.

MICHAEL WOLFF'S RECENT BOOK "Fire and Fury" Inside the Trump White House created so much thunder and lightning outside the Oval Office.

This is because the accounts of President Trump's inner circle are openly admitting based on the president's Tweets and behavior, that in terms of both "character and intellect", he is fantastically limited.

Worse, people are saying the president may not be fit to hold public office. much less the presidency of the United States of America- the greatest nation on earth.

What can you say of a president when his men in charge of the economy, treasury, and security sarcastically describe him with wild names ( from "moron", "dumb as shit" and "dope") that will make her mother cry unabashedly in shame?

The worst is Trump is not aware- as in a fool who is the last to know- that he may be still afflicted with "delusional grandeur" and so in love with himself (in a narcissistic way that has few equals)and is overly eager for attention-even the wrong kind- that some call him even the "greatest security risk of his nation."

People have called Kim Jung Un of North Korea as a madman. Apparently, he has met his match in the braggadocio of a Donald Trump. Dialogue is. therefore, a must in order to prevent a global catastrophe because of these two dangerous men- who are at loggerheads with each other.

Despite what his Cabinet men say, Trump says he has gathered the smartest team in America and that he is (sic) the"smartest" among them and is a "stable genius". Stable and genius, we fear, have assumed different meanings in Donald's dictionary.

His rather intellectually challenge rantings on Twitter are not marked trademarks of one who believes his best attributes are "intellect and stability" (as he claims). It's like Paquito Diaz viewing the mirror and seeing Coco Martin in the mirror image.

He is believed to be a racist- banning citizens of three Arab nations from the US- where none of them have citizens convicted for 9-11 or terrorist acts in the USA and wants a literal wall to keep "Mexican criminals and rapists" from entering the Yankee soil.

Meantime, his minimal phrases allowed in a Twitter platform- are full of limping grammar and wrong spelling that would make an elementary student in Ateneo cringe in embarrassment. Even in policy-making, he appears bankrupt and one media analyst at the start of his term described him as a Chief Executive bereft of political beliefs and backbone.

His victory poll election is now questioned by documented evidence of Russian intervention which he dismisses as a"Democratic hoax to cover their election defeat". Recently, he wanted the Poem on the Statue of Liberty revised to remove "shit hole" countries like Africa, El Salvador, and Haiti.

Trump has been always classified as a bigoted white male Racist which he denies and then threatens to pull his manicured hairdo- orange in color.

Ophrah Winfrey. popular Tv host, who gave a stunning speech for "women" in the Golden Globe awards is being egged to run against Trump in the next presidential elections. Trump dismisses her as a "book club lover collector" who will impose a US$2,000 fine on any American who does not read two books in a year.

Trump brags he can beat Ophray in any election -without saying how.

Both, however, are questionable candidates though - for both are without any government work experience like the rest of the presidents before they stepped to the White House.

Critics had defined former president Ronald Reagan as a low IQ Grabe B movie star- but he had experience as Governor and his miscues were due paerhaps to the onset of his Alzheimer's Disease. Trump admits he has not seen-nor will see any psychiatrist, a calling that heals off-beat thinking.

Other critics refer to him as a modern-day Nero fiddling his way on the roofs of Rome while the city was on fire; and played the water organ and closed the city gates to have a maximum audience volume. His ego was as large as the Roman Empire.

The problem is there is the so-called "Goldwater Doctrine "Section 7- 3 on Ethics of the American Psychiatric Society stipulating that no doctor can make a public statement on the mental health of a public official without officially doing clinical tests on him and getting his authorization to release the results. This was promulgated in 1970.

But there is also one not too well-known item in the American Constitution that allows the Vice President and the Cabinet and then later with Congress to declare a president "unfit for the office he was elected to."

Despite a preponderance of the so-called evidence, will the American elected officials make their move? When and why not?

We are not part of America but the Philippines as a citizen-nation of the Free World who looks up at America for leadership- one should be worried about the condition of the man on the throne in Washington. It's only fair.

Is the above one American view - representative of the majority of the thinking American nation?

(Bingo Dejaresco, a former banker, is a financial consultant, media practitioner, and book author. A Life Member and chair of the Broadcast Media of FINEX, his views here are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of FINEX. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Chinese influence in business
Ms. Wilma Inventor MirandaMs. Wilma Inventor Miranda

February 16, 2018

Chinese influence in business

With the celebration of Chinese New Year, it is a perfect time to look deeper into how the Chinese greatly influence our economy. When we see “made in China” nowadays, we usually relate that to cheap items, low quality, fake goods and imitations. But this article will not focus on the Chinese from the mainland but the Chinese who began their businesses generations ago and have children who are now Filipino-Chinese and successful businessmen themselves.

Dr. Jose Pardo – Just Think Positive!
Flor G. TarrielaBy Flor G. Tarriela

Business World (FINEX Folio)
February 16, 2018

Dr. Jose Pardo – Just Think Positive!s

Last Saturday Jose “Titoy” Pardo, PSE Chairman and former Secretary of Trade/Finance was conferred the Degree of Doctor of Science in Finance by De La Salle University headed by Br. Raymundo Suplido.

At the luncheon celebration, the “new Doctor” was asked to dispense a cure to problems at hand, he shared how to cope with emerging VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) related problems. Dr. Pardo picked up from Dr. Charles Handy, author of The Age of Unreason, who said “All businesses or any economic activity are vulnerable to shock and inevitably will experience tremors in the market place. The important thing is to be quick in responding to change and to never succumb to the status quo style of management. If it ain’t broke, fix it.”

PSE: Unified at last
J. Albert GamboaBy J. Albert Gamboa

February 16, 2018

PSE: Unified at last

More than 25 years after the merger of the Manila Stock Exchange (MSE) and the Makati Stock Exchange (MKSE) into the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), the country’s securities industry is set to be finally unified in a single trading floor.

Ethical challenges in today’s world
By Mercedes B. SuleikBy Mercedes B. Suleik

February 14, 2018

Ethical challenges in today’s world

Pundits sometimes quip that “business ethics” is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms because it is said that there is an inherent conflict between ethics and the pursuit of profit. But more and more, as we see the effects of such unmitigated self-interest, we begin to wonder whether the mantra of the 1980s, “Greed is good” has not visited disaster on so many people today. Today we find ourselves in a quandary—is our world spinning out of control? Has evil taken root in every sphere of our lives, so that even the very means of our efforts to sustain our existence are now suspect?.

A La Juventud Filipina
By Mercedes B. SuleikBy Mercedes B. Suleik

September 13, 2017

Faith in the workplace

It has often been considered that faith and the ordinary life of a person, that is his work, his daily activities, are not compatible. That, for instance, being ethical and being guided by morals in business or in the workplace, must be dichotomized from religious belief.

Swedish death cleaning and Lagom

Swedish death cleaning and Lagom (Business Option)
Feb.15, 2018

Swedish death cleaning and Lagom

Mafe, my beloved spouse, has been asking me recently to start disposing some of the old stuff that have been untouched in our attic. After all, I’ve accumulated quite a ton of books, magazine and school stuff from studying and teaching all these years. And even my clothes and gadget collection (men stuff) have remained to pile up. It all came to head recently when she shared Margarita Magnusson’s new book, “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.”.